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Lamon Records
 is a proud member label of The Orchard, a wholly owned Sony Music Entertainment company (source: Billboard Magazine).  Why not put our extensive years of distribution experience to work for your current music release? We can help you develop and coordinate a strategic plan to bring awareness to your release and achieve your goals of success in today’s music market. (more)

Our music distribution network is current, up-to-date and growing everyday. We now service the largest outlets for music in the US and around the world. And our international distributing partner has offices in New York, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and other countries around the world. Digital downloading is the fastest growing outlet for music today, and we’ve been on the cutting edge since the beginning of the revolution in 2004. (See a list of our territories)

The future is here… and with over 8,000,000 of our own downloads and streams now sold – we’ve got you covered!   Contact us to learn more about our distribution services.


Lamon has had an extensive list of licensing partners over the years that have released our titles and tracks to a large part of the world. These Licensing Agreements include, or have included:

Virgin/Sound & Media (UK)
BMG/Priority Records (UK)
Disneyland (France)
Word Records (UK)
Koch Intn’l (Germany)
Koch Intn’l (Switzerland)
Koch Intn’l (Austria)
Koch Intn’l (Benelux)
Americana Records (Japan)
Supraphon (Czech Republic)
Conifer Records (UK)
Magnum Force (UK)
GoGo Limited (Hong Kong/Asia)
Silver Dollar Records (UK)
Summit Records (UK)
Preston Records (Czech Republic)
Intersound Records (Canada)
New Music Enterprises (England)


We’ve established distribution agreements with the world’s leading Digital Music Service Providers to help us reach the growing global market for quality music downloads. Most of our releases are carried by (partial list):

iTunes/Apple (US) | Listen/Real Networks (US)
BuyMusic (US) | Napster/Pressplay (US)
Music Net/AOL (US) | Tiscali (UK/France/Germany/ Italy
HMV (UK) | Fnac (France) | MSN UK (UK)
Wanadoo (France) | Freeserve (UK)
Dot Music/BT Openworld (UK) | Blueyonder (UK)
Mediamarkt (Germany) | Los (Spain)
Karlstadt (Germany) | WOM (Germany)
NCNumercable (France) | MTV Europe
Belgacom/Skynet (Belgium) | Playlouder (UK)
TDC (Denmark) | Alapage (France)
Ministry of Sound (UK) | Digital Music Initiative (Japan) | Virgin Mega (UK)
Tele-Austria (Austria) | NTL (UK)
Direct Media (Switzerland) | Kontor (Germany)
Music Match (US) | Chello (Holland, Austria)
Music Now/Full Audio (US)
EMusic (US)


Brick-and-mortar retail stores and music outlets are disappearing at a rapid pace. Lamon continues to build an impressive network of US and Foreign Distributors to service the growing online retailer and alternative outlets…

Consumers and fans will often find our artists’ music from online retailers, such as:


Depending on genre and the artist, Lamon Records are often available to retailers, music shops and bookstores from these major genre distributors and marketers:

Wesscott Marketing (christian)
Ernest Tubb Record Shops (all genres)
Barnes & Nobles (all genres)
Lifeway Christian Stores (christian)
New Day Christian Dist. (christian)
Palomino Dist. (americana)
County Records (bluegrass)
Miles Of Music (americana -alt country)
Christian Ministry Resources (christian)
Burn Bar (christian)
RedEye Distribution (americana)
Discover Music (all genres)
All Music (all genres)

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