The Bliss Releases New Single “When They Find Out”

The Bliss was born in the tiny town of Brookings, South Dakota when visionary drummer, Louis Whitehead, asked, Aaron Toronto, a crafty singer/ songwriter, to jam a few years ago.  After catching their two-person act, Janelle Anderson, the classically trained and sublimely gifted songstress graced the group with her harmonious influence. Soon thereafter, Mike Ropp, an ingenious songwriter and prodigious bass player and multi-instrumentalist, joined the fun, crystallizing The Bliss’ sound.

Each member of The Bliss invests heavily in the songwriting, which pays dividends in the form of inimitable musical stylings, brave storytelling, and juicy vocal harmonies. The list of Bliss influences is long, including The Beatles, Rush, Stevie Wonder, and Janis Joplin. 

Audiences everywhere can relate to The Bliss thanks to their relatable songs and catchy tunes. Mike describes one such song, “When They Find Out”: “It actually came to me while on a long bike ride, and was one of those tunes that popped into my head in 75% completed form. I like that song because it’s fun to play and fun to listen to, and because regardless of what I meant when I wrote it, listeners can make it mean a LOT of different things.” Louis adds, “I hope our audience will find enjoyment in our music and be inspired in their own creativity.” 

While writing, Aaron says “First and foremost, I feel inspired to create interesting and passionate melodies.  My lyrics can come from anywhere – anything I’ve been thinking about or need to learn about myself or the world. They are often personal, but hopefully connect to other people’s experiences in life.” In this way, listeners have a chance to feel connected to The Bliss.

Janelle feels connected to her listeners too in ways she didn’t expect while writing. “I have heard some amazing interpretations of our music and feedback from listeners. I love numerous interpretations. It means that listener connected, and that is what matters most, not my original intent.” 

The Bliss new single release “When They Find Out” will be available most everywhere music is sold, including iTunes and Amazon, on September 27th.  You can also find out more at To read more about Lamon Records, please check out