The Baker Brothers Duo Release New Music on Lamon

Having both a strong family and musical bond, Jordan and Seth of The Baker Brothers are no strangers to performing. When Jordan was 10 and Seth was 7, they toured with The BakerPasma Families singing group which included their parents and seven siblings. What started out as just another family routine quickly turned into a true love.

“We fell in love with performing and the unique power music has over the human heart,” Jordan and Seth write. “The songs we sang became real to us and we wanted to share our stories with anyone we could.”

After their family stopped touring as a group, Jordan and Seth decided to pursue their musical career together as The Baker Brothers. Combining the sound of Rascal Flatts, the vocals of Sam Hunt, and the inspiration of Danny Gokey, The Baker Brothers create their own unique take on music. Their catchy tune “What You Don’t Know” is what audiences could listen to on the radio and find themselves humming all throughout their workday.

The Baker Brothers hope that these tunes help give their audience perspective. “Perspective to remember that no matter what challenges we face in life,” elaborates Jordan and Seth, “we can be confident that first, we are not alone in our struggle and second, if we hold on to the things that are truly important, we can overcome anything.”

Giving their audience music that they can relate to and be positively inspired by is The Baker Brothers primary goal, and they achieve this with their new single, “What You Don’t Know,” a song about all the feelings associated with falling in love with someone before they even know you have. This song, which can be found on their first EP, “The Baker Brothers,” will be released on May 11. You can follow The Baker Brothers on facebook and instagram @bakerbrosmusic, visit their website at, and read more about Lamon Records at