Sister Duo Jill and Julia Bring Unique Country Sound to Lamon Records

Lamon Records is proud to welcome contemporary country duo Jill and Julia to the label. The sisters from Las Vegas signed with the label in November and came to Nashville to record their first EP at historic Quad Studios.

Julia and Jill have been collaborating together for 5 years and have performed as a duo at various venues throughout Las Vegas. Through their close-knit harmonies and vibrant original songs, Jill and Julia provide the country music scene with a breath of fresh air.

The two are over achievers. Excelling in their academic studies and musical training, Julia, 21, and Jill, 16, have applied every life experience so far to their personas as artists. Before their teenaged years, the girls studied piano, guitar, and voice. They competed in beauty pageants throughout the Mid-West, honing their poise and stage presence as well as curbing their competitive edge. They’ve performed at county fairs, sporting events, and vocal competitions. The only thing left to attempt was collaborative songwriting, and they have that under their belt now as well.

“Our experiences while Julia and I were a lot younger really prepared us to take the stage with the band and confidently perform for a Las Vegas crowd. I have to thank all my musical teachers for that gift – and my mom and dad for believing in us,” says Jill.

They are well versed in the Broadway classics, pop music, and the standards of the Great American Songbook, but Jill and Julia’s interest have always been in the country-western genre. They are influenced by such artists as The Band Perry, Miranda Lambert, and Kacey Musgraves.

Now, with the guidance of renowned independent record label, Lamon Records, Jill and Julia traveled to Nashville to record their first professional four-song EP. The album showcases their clever songwriting and unique harmonies.

“Working with the best musicians, producer, and engineers in the country at Quad Studios to record our originals was such a thrill,” say the girls. “Dave Moody and his talented hand-picked crew were extremely open to our songs and what we were trying to stylistically achieve. We couldn’t have been happier with the end result and the entire experience!”

Dave Moody, Lamon Records President and Grammy-nominated producer, raves about the group. “Jill and Julia have a very unique and marketable sound. Their song writing is relevant and fresh and their blend of all things Americana resonates with the listener… this sister duo has what it takes to be successful.”

They both seemed at home and comfortable in Quad Studios in Music City as the creativity flowed on recording day. Jill and Julia clearly love what they do, but they recognize their art requires dedication and attentiveness to the industry – a rare quality in young artists.

“It is the constant rehearsing, listening to fans, friends, and other musicians that provide critical feedback that allows us to refine our sound. That makes us feel good about the music we are writing and performing,” Julia says. “We hope the country fans outside of Las Vegas will also enjoy our music once our EP is released.”

Look for Jill and Julia’s first EP from Lamon Records due out in early February. For more information on Jill and Julia, as well as other Lamon artists, visit