Singer-Songwriter Sammy Hakim Signs and Records with Lamon Records


Seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter Sammy Hakim signed with Lamon Records in early August. The Northern Virginia native recorded original songs at historic Quad Studios in Nashville.

Sammy began her songwriting career at age 13. Among other instruments, she plays piano, guitar, and violin, all of which have inspired her to develop a creative arrangement style. Her influences vary from Bruce Springsteen, to Ed Sheeran, and her vocal style reflects the soulfulness of Kelly Clarkson.

“I am like Elvis Costello. I write what I want: pop, country, rock, or whatever I feel,” Sammy says about her artistic style. “Writing and performing music is one of my deepest passions in life.”

Sammy’s focus is to create a deeper understanding of her world and relationships with others. She hopes to create her own unique brand of pop music that reaches fans on a visceral, emotional level.

Sammy’s music has been heard on many local Northern VA radio stations, as well as internationally. She enjoys the ambiance of local coffee houses and rocking larger crowds, even playing live in radio stations. She is a senior in high school, an honor student, and is excelling in online courses with Berklee School of Music.

By signing with Lamon Records and recording in Nashville, Sammy hopes to grow her fan base, tour with her music and see the country, as well as make lots of new friends along the way.