Silvia Mobley’s New Gospel EP Brings a “Smile” to Your Face

As Silvia Mobley puts it, “God loves a new song!” And she does just that with the release of her new EP released by Lamon Records. In a genre steeped in deep tradition, Silvia brings a mix of nostalgia and newness to gospel music. From the first notes sung in “I Adore You (Smile),” listeners are brought back to that familiar sound heard on Sunday mornings during a church offering, simultaneously feeling the fresh arrangement of a song on contemporary R&B radio today. This unique sound, combined with Silvia’s gospel-driven lyrics, is sure to reach a crowd that spans generations.

Growing up in Garland, Texas and attending the Pentecostal Church of God in Christ, it’s easy to see where her love for Southern Gospel was fostered. Performing on her congregation’s stage since she was a child, Silivia has been advancing the kingdom through music ever since. How? Through lyrics grounded in truth and melodies that must be danced to! Listeners can’t help but move their heads to “A Sound of Praise,” which is most certainly Silvia’s intention as her words encourage you to “dance like David danced.” But if dancing isn’t your strong suit, she also calls her audience to worship in any way that makes some noise. A song that can be sung with a large congregation at church or while sitting alone at a desk at work, Silvia brings her audience into an atmosphere of praise anywhere and anytime.

Similarly, “All of My Worship” brings yet another groovy track that brings listeners positivity and  encouragement to praise God earnestly in every aspect of their lives. She gives God the glory for all the good she has in her life through her jazzy, doo-wop style singing.

Silvia’s own genuine worship is evident in her songs as well as her life, serving God through music in her church and community. Never a stranger, always a friend, Silvia reminds people that life’s circumstances can’t affect the love God has for us. As she beautifully sings in “I Adore You (Smile),” she prays she “puts a smile on Your face.” No doubt she brings a smile to both her Savior and anyone listening to her songs through her unwavering belief in God’s goodness.

“Silvia lights up the room with her faith and God given talent,” says Lamon Records president and Grammy nominated/Dove Award winning music producer Dave Moody. “She’s so genuine, it’s refreshing.”

The first single and video from Silvia’s new Lamon EP, “A Sound of Praise,” is heading to Christian radio and video broadcasters worldwide in early January.  Her EP, simply titled “Silvia Mobley” will be available at iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere great music is sold on January 5, 2018.  For more information on Silvia and other Lamon Records artists, visit us at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.