Sharing songs of “Honest Wear” from Americana Singer-Songwriter AP Mauro

“Honest Wear” is a term that brings to mind good memories for AP Mauro. As a kid, his grandfather took him fishing. He once told his grandfather that his fishing pole and reel looked old and beat up and that he needed a new one. His grandfather explained that each of those dents and scuffs held a special memory for him. That was “Honest Wear.”
“I kept that moment in mind when writing the songs for my EP ‘Honest Wear,'” says Mauro.

“The songs come from the dents, cuts, and scuff that make up my life.”

The EP was recorded at Omni Studios in Nashville with some of the town’s top session players. Lamon Records President and CEO Dave Moody had previously licensed Mauro’s first EP, “The Rebel In Us,” and enjoyed producing his new originals.

“AP Mauro’s collection of songs on his new CD “Honest Wear” showcase his writing versatility and style,” says Moody. “His lyrics are honest and real, and rooted in all things good about Country, Rock and Americana.”

The music video for his first single “Tomorrow Walked Right Out The Door” was totally Mauro’s concept. The Lamon crew had a great time bringing his vision to life. The video was shot at several camp ground locations just outside of Nashville. “Tomorrow Walked Right Out The Door” hit radio Monday, August 3rd and the new CD releases August 14, 2015.

“With any luck we live life to the fullest and we love well,” says Mauro. “The people, places, and events along the way are rubbed into our souls and etched into our minds. We pray that resulting wrinkles are made up of heavy doses of laughter that have helped to offset the doses of pain. My hope is that the project touches the hearts of others, and that maybe they’ll see common ground in the honest wear that makes up all of our lives.”

AP Mauro’s first EP with Lamon Records, “Honest Wear,” is available now on Amazon, iTunes, and everywhere music is sold. You can hear his first single, “Tomorrow Walked Right Out The Door,” on radio. For more on AP and other Lamon artists, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.