Scott Hooper’s “Giddy Up” Released to Radio

Lamon Records is proud to release the second single from country artist Scott Hooper. “Giddy Up” is the title track to his first EP with the label and a follow up to “TV News,” which performed well on secondary stations worldwide.

“Giddy Up” came about like most country songs do, by observing the common man and channeling unique colloquial phrases. Scott tells the story of the song’s conception:

“My brother was coming down to write [music] with my wife and I. He stopped off at a convenience store. Some guy that was in there said, ‘c’mon c’mon, giddy up,’ to his buddy. So my brother thought about that, called me up as he was driving down and said, ‘Man, think I got a good idea for a song…'”

“We probably finished the song in 40 minutes – it just clicked! It’s one of those up beat, up tempo, driving songs.”

The song has a classic country sound that pairs well with Scott’s modern country voice. It touches on a timeless American theme: the country boy’s ode to his car. “Giddy Up” certainly is a roll-your-windows-down driving song for today’s audience.

Dave Moody, Grammy nominated/Dove Award winning artist/producer and President of Lamon Records produced the EP. “Scott has a strong, modern, Country voice,” Dave says. “His songwriting is very contemporary and commercial.”

“We’re real excited about the release of ‘Giddy Up’ and that it hits radio the same week as the Daytona 500,” says Scott. “To all of my fans and all of the NASCAR fans out there, all I can say is ‘On your mark, get ready, get set, you ain’t seen nothing yet… GIDDY UP!'”

Listen for the single on radio stations across the nation, at radio February 24th – going for adds on March 10th. “Giddy Up” is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and everywhere music is sold.

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