New Single Release from Heather Tomlin

Whether it’s spending time with her boys, fishing, or farming, Heather Tomlin has plenty of inspiration for writing songs! Her single, “Watchin’ the Corn Grow,” reminds us all of the simple life that can be found when we choose to live that way. Amidst busy schedules, parenting, and working, it’s refreshing to be reminded that we should all “sit on our porch, watchin’ the corn grow.”

Throughout the song, listeners can smell the fried chicken, hear the rocking chair creaking, and see the dust in the air of the old back roads. Heather’s strong ties to family are found in her song as she learns from her grandpa and grandma about how to live happily on the farm.

“My grandfather with his wisdom was and still is to this day, a great influence,” says Heather. “He always told me, ‘Its not where you came from; its where you’re going!’”

When asked about her love of country music, Heather responded, “Instead of hanging out with school friends in the summertime I was walking the long tobacco rows with my cassette player stuck in my back pocket of my blue jean shorts enjoying the sweet voice of Dolly Parton and other country singers.” With a childhood like that, how could she not have started singing country music herself?

Heather focuses on writing inspirational country songs, the kind that make audiences feel warm, remind them of home, laugh at an inside joke, or cry happy tears.

Lamon Records is distributing Heather’s new single, which is being released to country radio in January and will be available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere on January 12, 2018.