New Radio Single Out Now From Jimmy DeTalente & The Electric Revival

Comprised of three members, each with their own unique musical and lyrical strengths, Jimmy DeTalente and the Electric Revival bring the familiar rock & rock feel to modern audiences. With 27 years of experience combined in music, Jimmy, David, & Larry started their band in late 2016. While all the members of Revival have had major success separately, together they are bringing rock & roll back to what it should have always been.  

“Our music lies somewhere between the city limits and the county line,” explains Revival. “It’s like if Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Foo Fighters were at a backyard BBQ with John Mellencamp and everyone is sitting around the fire singing and playing.”  

DeTalente’s catchy hooks that hold deeper meaning give audiences a chance to connect with the band as well as the world around them. Each member expresses a desire for their music to feel relatable and for their listeners to escape from their current struggles. “I hope it gives people a chance to blow off some steam and know that they’re not alone in the difficulties we face day to day,” bassist David explains. “We’re all in this together and it’s ok to put your problems on pause and sing along,” Jimmy, Revival’s lead singer and guitarist, adds.

But their unpredictable and, at times unhinged, live performance is where the band truly tattoos itself in the minds of both audiences and promoters alike. “We are real people making music for real people. The number one rule for this band has always been, if it’s not fun, we’re not gonna do it,” says Jimmy. This relatability and down-to-earth nature of each band member is what helps audiences enjoy their Southern Rock. “My inspiration is getting to travel, play music, and hopefully impact the world with my two best friends,” drummer Larry says fondly of his fellow band members. When it comes to one word to describe the band, David says “brotherhood.”

“Our music is an experience where people can let go of the world and not worry about anything for three and a half minutes at a time,” adds Larry. Jimmy DeTalente and the Electric Revival’s latest experience is their newly released-to-radio single “Get on Back.”  For more information, contact Lamon Records ( You can follow the band on their website at