New Music From Alt-Rock Group Tory Sound Band

With inspiration ranging from classical to metal, pop to reggae, and rock to soul, audiences of all backgrounds can enjoy the Alternative Rock music that is Tory Sound Band. The band members Justin Labosco, Josh Koder, Michael Perez, Todd Griffith, and Jason Korman have all been involved in the music industry since a very young age. “We are a combined talent of classically trained musicians, holding multiple degrees and professional positions, all of which have helped us develop a foundation for achieving our goals as artists,” writes Josh Koder.

While most bands distinguish each member by instrument played, Tory Sound Band’s members can play any and all of the instruments that you see on stage or hear on recordings. Piano, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, percussion… the deeply trained and highly inspired members can do it all. Don’t be surprised if you see someone switch instruments mid-song while attending one of their many live performances!

“For us, life is best lived as an adventure.” This is not surprising as you hear Tory Sound Band’s music. Audiences can connect with their music in a variety of meaningful ways. Whether spiritually, emotionally, or creatively, it’s not hard to relate to their songs and witness the passion that drives their work.

“Need to Know” releases to radio in late August and is available everywhere great music is sold, including iTunes and Amazon on September 14th. You can learn more about Tory Sound Band’s journey at, connect with them @torysound on facebook, as well as follow them @torysoundband on instagram. You can read more about Lamon Records at