Meet ProjectPraise – Hawaii’s Premier Worship Band

The band “projectpraise” originally grew out of a desire to bring praise and worship music out of the confines of the church and into the streets.

Founding members, guitarist Rich Ciparro and keyboard player Eddie Pugay shared the desire to form a new band consisting of members from different Christian churches and praise bands from across Oahu, Hawaii.

The concept was to initially perform covers of the standard CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) being played in most churches at that time but to eventually compose and perform their own “original” Christian songs.

When choosing members for the band it was decided early on that although talent would play a considerable role in consideration for the band, the most important thing would be that individuals love for Jesus Christ and their desire to spread the Gospel through a music ministry.

The search for additional members began in late 2014 and by early 2015 the full compliment of what is now called “project praise” was in place with:

Teal Kumai              (Lead Vocals)
Rich Ciparro                      (Guitar)
Eddie Pugay               (Keyboard)
Brian Loughlin                    (Bass)
Guy McKeague                 (Drums)

Although the original concept was to first start out by playing the standard covers of the most popular CCM of the day, “projectpraise” inspired by the Holy Spirit, almost immediately began composing and performing original music at a feverish pace and now perform their original Christian music almost exclusively.

People will often ask ” what genre of music does Project Praise play?” That is a difficult question to answer in one phrase as the bands songwriting abilities are so eclectic and cover a broad spectrum of musical influences however one particular pastor described it as “Gospel Rock” and I guess thats as good a label as any.

The band signed a recording contract in 2017 with Lamon Records Nashville and Grammy® nominated, multi- Dove Award winning producer and label president Dave Moody.  Their first single and video for Lamon was recently released and their self titled EP will be available worldwide in January 2018.

For more on ProjectPraise and their new single “My Soul Cries Out” visit  You can find their new music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and elsewhere on its January 12, 2018 release date worldwide.