Lamon Records Nashville Brings Artist Showcase for a Rockin’ Night at the Faith Fourth


Grammy Nominated and Dove Award Winning country artist Dave Moody has toured the United States with his family band, The Moody Brothers. The Fayetteville, NC native has played The Grand Ole Opry, the White House, Wembly Arena in London and Disneyland Paris in France. His next venue: The Faith Fourth of July Celebration.

Moody is president and CEO of Nashville’s oldest independent record label. From their beginnings in Charlotte to their presence in Music City, Lamon Records has produced hundreds of artists from all over the world. The Lamon catalog is varied in genre, but specializes in country and contemporary Christian music. Lamon artists have climbed the charts and their songs can be heard on XM radio and public stations around the country.

With all of his professional success, Dave Moody still has the itch to play live. He hosts label showcases in Nashville and felt this summer would be a good opportunity to take new talent on the road.

“I’m really looking forward to playing live at the Faith 4th,” Moody says. “I’ve heard about this event for years. I mainly produce records in Nashville these days, so having an opportunity to get out and play for an audience is really exciting!”

The Roadshow brings talent from Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and the coast of North Carolina. The show channels classic country sounds from Moody and his house band, country/folk from David Langston and Kimberly Patrick, and modern, rocking country from Courtney Stewart and Dusty Sanderson.

“We have signed several very talented singer/songwriters as our label is celebrating over 50 years in the music business. Each of them has their own musical style, so I think The New Nashville Roadshow will have something for everyone.”

Dave Moody hosts the New Nashville Roadshow featuring talented country singer/songwriters Kimberly Patrick, Courtney Stewart, David Langston, Dusty Sanderson and a surprise guest or two on Saturday, June 29th at the Faith 4th of July celebration sponsored by Gerry Wood Auto Group of Salisbury.

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