Lamon Artists Rythmicure Featured in Film Soundtrack

Elevating Entertainment re-releases “Much Ado About Middle School” with new scenes and a revamped soundtrack. Newly titled “Shakespeare School Year,” the film will feature original songs by star Celeste Kellogg and Lamon Artists Rythmicure. The film also stars Blake Michaels (Disney’s “Lemonade Mouth” and “Dog with A Blog”), Bill Cobbs (“Night at the Museum”, “Air Bud”, “Trading Places”) and Lee Meriwether (Miss America, “Catwoman”, “Barnaby Jones”).

The new film’s storyline features Celeste Kellogg, now college age, reflecting on her middle school years and how closely they resembled Shakespeare’s “Much Abo About Nothing.”

“It’s a unique opportunity for us to tell this story from a slightly new perspective,” says director/producer Dave Moody. “We’ve watched Celeste mature over the past few years, and I think it’ll be fun for the audience to see her on screen as she is now, and was when she was in her middle school years.”

The updated soundtrack also features Celeste’s song “Broken Record.”

Rythmicure is the husband and wife duo from Iowa signed to Lamon Records Nashville. The film’s closing credits will featuring the song “Feels So Naturally” from their latest album “Secret Garden.” Watch for their new music video for the single “Lay Your Hands On Me” coming soon, as well.