Jill and Julia’s First Single “Wildfire” Sizzles, EP Due in April

Sister group Jill and Julia’s highly anticipated first EP is set to release April 15th. The first single off the self-titled project, “Wildfire,” hit radio in March.

Jill and Julia are paving the way for a new pop-country and americana sound. Take the raw production of Kacey Musgraves, lyrical sentimentality of The Band Perry, with the cohesive and traditional vocal sound of The Judds, all of which inspired this brave new sound.

The striking, ethereal harmonies in “Little Games” quickly became a fan favorite. The bouncy traditional sound of “Blinded By Love” will make a modern cowboy boot-clad audience want to hit the dancehall. The second half of the EP, “Poison” and the single “Wildfire” have a very modern pop-country feel. Imagine chasing bad boys and steamy romances simmering in the Las Vegas desert, not unlike the style of their cover photo. All of this sets the tone for their unique sound.

Dave Moody, Lamon Records President and Grammy-nominated producer, raves about the group. “Jill and Julia have a very unique and marketable sound. Their song writing is relevant and fresh and their blend of all things Americana resonates with the listener… this sister duo has what it takes to be successful.”

“Our first single ‘Wildfire’ is more of an up tempo, up pace song that we wrote together,” says Julia. “It represents the kind of music we really like to write as well as perform live, which are those high-energy numbers.”

Their first music video for the single can also be found on YouTube.

“Recording ‘Wildfire’ the video was a fun experience for us. We wanted to convey what it looks like when an audience sees us perform live, what a typical show would look like in Las Vegas.”

Their live shows are similar. Whether it’s a small, intimate venue like Quad studios, or a stage with smoke and lights, Jill and Julia bring their hip, signature fashion sense, spot-on vocals, and plenty of attitude.

Look for their first EP from Lamon Records, “Jill and Julia,” on iTunes, Amazon, and wherever music is sold on April 15th. For more information on Jill and Julia and other Lamon artists, visit www.lamonrecords.com