Henry Doss Releases Two New Singles in 2019

Lamon Records is proud to release two new singles by North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Henry Doss:  “Come To Me” and “All About You.”  Henry has emerged as a new voice in contemporary music, demonstrating a unique ability to “tap into all the best things about a classic, straight-ahead, catchy, feel-good rock tune,” says Dave Moody, president of Lamon Records.  His latest tunes should capture many new listeners and fans.

And there’s an interesting back story to Henry as a musician and songwriter.

Songwriters don’t choose when the muse will strike them, when the time is right for creating, or when the music might start to pour out of them, like water from a spigot. That’s certainly true of Henry Doss. He played guitar and dabbled with songwriting as a kid, but like so many others, left it behind for the “real world” and all its responsibilities. He was a banker, an entrepreneur, a dad, a husband…  all the standard stuff. Then one fine day, on a whim, he stopped at a local guitar store, bought a used Gibson Nighhawk, and a cheap practice amp, took them home and, still in his banker suit, cranked that amp up in the basement, and WHAM. The songs just started coming.

Fast forward to 2019, and Henry has written and recorded three Top 30 singles for Lamon Records.  His most recent release “Judgment Seat” followed the release of his first two singles from Lamon Records, “I Think About You” and “Just The Way,” both of which garnered critical acclaim and widespread worldwide airplay. “Judgment Seat” has a retro-rock feel to it, but hidden within that simple mix of instruments and vocals are complex lyrics and a complex story. Mixed and mastered at famed Abbey Road Studios, this song plays a critical role in the story line of “Jerusalem Stories,” but is equally powerful as a stand-alone rock tune.

Now, with “Come to Me” and “All About You” Henry has again demonstrated versatility and lively imagination with his songwriting, his arrangement and his performance.

“All About You” is a classic two-minute pop tune. One early listener described the listening experience as “jaw-breaking, from smiling. I almost felt guilty liking the song so much!”  Jaw-breaking or not, the tune is catchy, up-tempo and happy.

“Come To Me,” is a different tune entirely. The song is intense, and lyrically provocative, and the music is muted aggression.  The song is taken from a project that Henry and Lamon President Dave Moody are working on currently.  The Lamon/Doss collaboration is the promising” Jerusalem Stories,” a series of songs linked together in a narrative tracing the history, conflict and wonder of Jerusalem, with multi-media and stage theatrical elements. The project is currently in pre-production with Grammy® nominated artist/producer Dave Moody.

Listeners should look forward to more releases and more surprises from Henry Doss in coming months.  You can find Henry’s latest release on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other fine retailers.  For more information, visit the label at www.lamonrecords.com or follow Henry Doss and Lamon Records on your favorite social media outlets.