Henry Doss Releases New Single “Judgment Seat”

Mixed and Mastered at the Legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England

Henry Doss, a rockin’ singer/songwriter and composer from North Carolina, releases “Judgment Seat,” a concept-rock ballad from the soon-to-be-released song-cycle/rock opera “Jerusalem Stories.”

The song comes from “Jerusalem Stories,” a series of songs linked together in a narrative tracing the history, conflict and wonder of Jerusalem, with multi-media and stage theatrical elements. Currently in pre-production with Grammy® nominated artist/producer Dave Moody, Doss and Moody anticipate a pre-release of the entire series in early 2019.

“Judgment Seat” has a retro-rock feel to it, but hidden within that simple mix of instruments and vocals are complex lyrics and a complex story.  Mixed and mastered at famed Abbey Road Studios, this song plays a critical role in the story line of “Jerusalem Stories,” but is equally powerful as a stand-alone rock tune.

The release of “Judgment Seat” follows the releases of Henry’s first two singles from Lamon Records, “I Think About You” and “Just The Way,” both of which garnered critical acclaim and widespread worldwide airplay.

“Henry demonstrates a unique ability to tap into all the best things about a classic, straight ahead, catchy, feel good rock tune,” says Moody. “But ‘Judgment Seat’ takes Henry’s listener in a new direction and a step further. Perhaps a little darker, a little more intense and much more thematic.”

Listeners should look forward to more releases and more surprises from Henry Doss in coming months.  The single “Judgment Seat” is out to radio now and available on iTunes, Amazon and other fine music retailers on March 23, 2018.  For more information, please contact Lamon Records http://lamonrecords.com at 615.379.2121, x101