Henry Doss Releases New Single “Where We’re Going To”

Henry Doss, a rockin’ singer/songwriter and composer from North Carolina, releases “Where We’re Going To,” a concept-rock, orchestral ballad. from the soon-to-be-released song-cycle/rock opera “Jerusalem Stories.”

The song is a six-minute plus journey through a haunting orchestral overture, followed by a classic, organ-guitar driven rock tune. The result of combining multiple tracks of symphonic instruments with classic rock sounds is a big, “wall-of-sound” effect. Although there is a strong rock feel to the tune, there are complex lyrics and a complex story hidden within that simple mix of instruments and vocals. The introductory orchestral movement serves as a lament and a somber reflection, while the rock part of the tune speaks to decision-making in difficult times.

The release of “Where We’re Going To” follows the releases of Henry’s earlier singles from Lamon Records, “I Think About You,” “Just The Way,” “Come To Me,” and “Judgement Seat,” all of which which garnered critical acclaim and widespread worldwide airplay.

“Henry demonstrates a unique ability to tap into all the best things about a classic, straight ahead, catchy, feel good rock tune,” says Moody. “But “Where We’re Going To,” presents a new, additional side to Henry’s compositions, by exploring symphonic expression in combination with rock elements.”

Listeners should look forward to more releases and more surprises from Henry Doss in coming months. The single “Where We’re Going To” is out to radio now and available on iTunes, Amazon and other fine music retailers on October 16, 2020. For more information, please contact Lamon Records www.lamonrecords.com at 615.379.2121, x101