Get to Know Lamon Singer/Songwriter Kallie Ecker

Lamon Records recently signed singer/songwriter Kallie Ecker.  Her first single “It Takes A Little Courage” is being released to Country and Christian radio, as well as online retailers including iTunes, Amazon, and many others.  Get to know this talented artist now…

How did you get your start in music?   I was born in a small town in Wisconsin, the youngest of four girls and growing up our house was always full of music and singing. At the age of eight I started my own personal path in music when I started playing cello. Shortly after that, my family moved to a farm in Upper Michigan where taking lessons became difficult. But, my sisters and I continued pioneering our way, learning music on our own. Living on a farm there was so much to do, but we always found time to play music and were always singing together out in the barn. When I was twelve, my two oldest sisters got married and I finally got the piano to myself and started exploring the amazing world of songwriting. I loved listening to soundtrack music; especially Aaron Copeland and John Williams, and I discovered so much about the foundation and movement of music. When I was 15, we moved off the farm and back to Wisconsin. During that time my music began to mature and become more personal as I began writing lyrics. I had always been too shy to sing solo with anyone in earshot but finally, my Mom persuaded me to sing for her and there my vocal journey began. I’ve experienced situations that would ‘’make me or break me,’’ and I’m so grateful that I never gave up. My journey in life hasn’t made music something I do, but a part of who I am, and I will always strive to stay authentic to that journey.

Who are some of your musical influences?  I was always inspired by Carrie Underwood and Nicole C Mullen’s strong vocals, and I found personal style direction from Michael W Smith and Selah’s piano driven music. But ultimately my Sisters were the biggest musical influence in my life.

What style(s) of music do you listen to the most?  I grew up listening to Contemporary Christian Music and singing the Old Hymns. When I started playing cello I began listening to Classical Music, and when we moved to the farm I was introduced to Country Music.

Other than music, how to you spend your time?  Some of my hobbies include getting creative in the kitchen, researching any information under the sun, running equipment for my Dad’s excavating business, drawing residential floor plans, sketching fashion designs, fishing with my family, shooting and hunting with my Dad and of course playing around with music!

What do you hope an audience will gain from your music?  My greatest hope is that my audience will relate to my music; no matter their age or background. I hope they can feel uplifted by its message and moved by its music; that through a mere couple of minutes, I can make their life a little better.

What’s the inspiration behind your music?  I’m inspired by intriguing ideas and concepts, whether lyrically or musically. I relate to each song as a masterpiece that must resound authenticity through every line. I strive to be genuine to my strong musical taste and seamlessly blend that with compelling lyrics that are more than words that rhyme. My music is ultimately driven by the faith that has guided me throughout my life.

What musical instruments do you play?  I play are Piano, Cello, Guitar and I know a song or two on the Violin.