Contemporary Christian Artist Brad Trawick’s First EP, “Midnight Hour,” Available Now

IMG_1316.JPGLamon contemporary praise and worship artist Brad Trawick is ready to share is message of hope. Brad’s first single, “Midnight Hour,” is the title track to his new EP. The worship leader and father of four from Connecticut is a passionate singer and an honest, inspirational songwriter. He traveled to Nashville to record at historic Quad Studios in Nashville and vocals were recorded at Omni Studios.

“The first single, Midnight Hour, is a song that I am praying really encourages anyone who is going through a tough time or trial in their life. Whether it be a sickness they’re battling, the loss of a love one, or even a struggle in a relationship, this song declares that in the midnight hour God will come in and rescue every time. I especially want to dedicate it to all those battling cancer and send some hope their way. ”

He wrote the single as a tribute to his friend who, before his life was changed by the Gospel, had to learn a hard lesson for a thoughtless mistake.

The music video for the song centers around two prison cell mates, one a criminal counting down the days until his release, and one sentenced to death. Through the power of the gospel, a little open mindedness, and apologetic redemption, grace is found behind the confining bars and the message of Brad’s song becomes clear: even in the darkest times of your life, The Lord will hear your cries for mercy.

Brad is an easy going, good natured guy, who didn’t shy away from joking around on the video shoot. But when it came time to film the performance segments of his video, his tone turned to one of reverence and praise. His performance is as sincere as his message in the lyrics.

Other highlights of the EP include the upbeat and uplifting “Nothing Is Impossible,” and heartfelt ballad “All Of You.”

“Brad Trawick is a fabulous singer, period,” says Lamon Records CEO and Grammy nominated artists Dave Moody. “His voice is rich and true, and he conveys so much emotion in every one of his vocal performances. His inspirational songwriting is equally impressive. It’s cutting edge, spirit-filled praise and worship that leaves the listener exploring the lyrics deep within their own faith journey.”

Look for Brad’s first EP, “Midnight Hour,” will be available on October 7th on iTunes, Amazon, the Lamon Records store, and everywhere music is sold. For more on Brad and other Lamon artists, visit