Christian Recording Artist “The Lion” Releases Inspirational New Music

For Christian recording artist The Lion (Jeff Catto), this journey is about chasing after what God places on your heart. Running towards wherever the Lord may lead with unwavering faith is the calling Jeff seeks to pursue.

His debut album “Only Love” is a testimony of how Jeff has come out of the Lion’s Den. Looking back on ten years of failed music, broken promises, bad record contracts, and disastrous attempts to make his own way, Jeff put down his broken dreams and laid them at the cross, not realizing that God’s hand was present at all times. “When you give your broken dreams to God, He will do amazing things you never thought possible,” Jeff now inspiringly shares.

Three years later, Jeff is writing with purpose. God is opening up new doors and using past mistakes as a guide. Now working with Nashville producer Drew Middleton and the Gospel Music Association producer of the year Andy Horrocks, Jeff is now releasing music worth listening to. The title cut from his new album is being released by Lamon Records Nashville.

His earlier debut single, “Surround Me,” is a testament to always finding God no matter where you are. He is there with you in all things, good or bad. It was released in late 2017 and was played on over 400 stations worldwide. When his single “Shine” hit #5 on the Cancon Report and #29 on the CCRC, The Lion looked to help make more Lion Chasers in every nation.

Jeff is supported by his amazing family, lovely wife Brooke and his six children, Nova, Talon, Chloe, Bodhi, River and Willow. As someone who has always chased what he would call “ant sized dreams,” Jeff now chases the biggest 457 pound lion he can: “Jesus. The King. The Lion.”

You can find out more about The Lion at as well as follow Jeff @chasethelion on facebook & instagram. Read more about Lamon Records at