Christian Duo Rythmicure Records in Quad Studios

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The Christian pop/rock duo Rythmicure spent the beginning of January recording tracks and scratch vocals for their upcoming album. Dan and Karla, a husband and wife praise team from Iowa, have been signed with Lamon Records for 3 years, but this album marks the first time they have recorded original material with the label. The new album, yet to be titled, is a departure from their last album, Solid Rock, which was a collection of popular covers and parodies of classic rock hits with a praise and worship flair.

Dan recounted the evolution of the collection of new songs which he selected these tracks from a catalog of over four hundred songs penned over the past twelve years. There are country, pop, rock, and contemporary Christian praise songs among the recordings – a little something for everyone.

“We hope this album just takes off. Not just for us, for the musicians, for the label… everyone. ” As he glanced through the control room window at the musicians bringing each song to life, he couldn’t help but be grateful for the talent of the session musicians playing on the album. “There’s something really amazing going on here.”

“Dan and I keep getting verklempt – it’s like our baby’s being born,” Karla fanned away a tear with her hand and shook her head in disbelief.

In addition to their own material, they covered a song by producer Dave Moody called “Let Me Hear You Praise Him.”

“Nothing about this album is cookie cutter,” added Dave. “It was a very good day, no doubt about it. I’m excited about the way the album is coming together.”

“Everyone at Lamon Records is looking forward to where this album will go,” said Josh Moody, VP Creative Operations. “Dan and Karla have a wonderful ministry and this album has a wide enough appeal to reach a lot of people.”

Rythmicure will be back in Nashville to record their vocals in February and release is expected in the spring of 2013.