Christian Artist/Songwriter Tim Zinna has “A Message To You”

Musician Tim Zinna, native of Tappan, New York, started his musical journey taking piano lessons in eighth grade at a local music shop near home. Little did he know where it would all lead him…

After attending a Paul McCartney concert in the summer of 2009 at Citi Field stadium in NYC Tim had experienced a musical epiphany. His ears had been opened to the music and ingenuity of The Beatles. He soon became a Beatles-nut, buying all their albums and listening to every single one of their songs, ranging from “All My Loving” to “Revolution” and onward. “Lady Madonna” had been Tim’s first song he learned to play on the piano, and ever since then his repertoire has expanded. It was the Beatles and their music which gave him the desire to keep practicing piano and develop his musical skills.

Furthermore, piano masters Billy Joel and Elton John had also had a major influence on Tim, introducing him to slick piano licks and riffs which he learned throughout his early years on the ivories.

When Tim entered high school his passion for music only grew. During his time there he took classes in music theory, joined the concert choir, and played piano for multiple musical ensembles, accompanying them at school concerts with other musicians.

In college Tim joined the university concert band as a percussionist. Here he was introduced to a range of new instruments including the glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, chimes, bass drum, suspended cymbal, tambourine, etc. Being a pianist he found the pitched percussion quite enjoyable and fulfilling.

During Tim’s spring semester of his freshman year he made a personal commitment to follow Christ. Since then he has grounded himself in reading the Scriptures and living life for the glory of God.

This is then when Tim immersed himself in listening to contemporary Christian music. “The song ‘In Christ Alone’ was one of the first I heard and it changed my life. It’s beautiful melody and inspiring lyrics touched my heart and resonated within my very soul. I began to have a deeper love for Jesus and what He did for me and everyone on the cross. I had to listen to more!” Bands and artists including For King & Country, MercyMe, Unspoken, Sidewalk Prophets, TobyMac, Matthew West, and others strengthened and uplifted Tim’s faith as well his own music.

Now this combination between music and faith lead Tim to begin writing his own songs with a Christian undertone. The inspiration comes from God. – “I try to make God central in my music. It is from Him where I get the creativity to write the lyrics and incorporate a message that is fundamentally moving and can be shared with others.”

“My hope is that this song, ‘A Message To You’ will reach people and give them a hope to grasp on to knowing that whatever dark time in which they may be going through they should never give up because there is a bright future ahead of them filled with joy, peace, and love.”

Tim currently attends the University of Scranton in PA where he is studying Theology and Finance. He will graduate in May of 2018 and will continue to write more music in the future.