Australian Country Singer/Songwriter Maxine Baker Offers Up An Amazing Debut

Maxine Baker may only have discovered country music three years ago, but don’t underestimate her talent for it!  Writing with wisdom way past her years, Maxine’s catchy songs make listeners want to press the repeat button. Taking inspiration from other songwriters such as Chris Stapleton, Lori Mckenna, and Maren Morris, Maxine draws on her own personal experiences to create songs that everyone can relate to.  You can sum up her talent in one word – “Amazing!”

“I hope that when people hear my music,” explains Maxine. “They understand it’s come from a real experience or feeling I’ve had – it’s a little part of me in a song. But I also hope that they can be able to put their own story behind it or picture themselves in the situation.”  Cardboard Box, her first single, certainly does just that.

With soft, lilting vocals, Maxine transports us all to that first heartbreak we experienced, especially the way memories have a tendency to creep into all the nooks and crannies of our life. Looking around her bedroom, Maxine tries to close the door to that relationship once and for all by packing up all that reminds her of him. “You’re just another photo hanging on my wall. All that I want to do is pack you up and put you in a cardboard box,” Maxine sings with her unique voice and easy-going acoustic melody.

“When Maxine starts singing, you can visualize the story through her catchy lyrics and pristine vocals,” says Grammy® nominated producer Dave Moody. “Maxine uses her music to process the events and decisions in her life, and she invites the listener to join her in the journey and also do the same with their own similar experiences.”

Her first single and video “Cardboard Box” will be released to radio on March 9, 2018.  Look for it on iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere great music is sold. For more information, visit the label’s website at and follow Maxine on Instagram and Facebook @maxinebakermusic.