Andrew Marshall & SIXTH HOUR Release New Single and EP

Real. Convicting. Hopeful. These are all words to describe Andrew Marshall & SIXTH HOUR’s new EP “Maybe This Time.” Drawing inspiration from his own life, Andrew Marshall reaches audiences on a very personal level. His songs encourage others to not let their shortcomings define them, but instead, find their identity in Christ.

With this encouragement as his lyrical motivation and southern rock as his melodic inspiration, Andrew Marshall & SIXTH HOUR create a sound that both gospel and rock fans can relate to and enjoy. Whether driving down the road or worshiping in today’s church, their music moves the listener and brings them to a point of conviction. Such is the case with the first single from the collection – “In Your Arms.”  Built on a driving musical arrangement, Andrew’s voice delivers the powerful message of the song’s lyrics. 

It’s no surprise that Andrew’s own musical journey began at the age of 10. With broad talents and abilities, including piano, clarinet, fiddle, guitar, and drums, Andrew eventually found his voice as a vocalist. He didn’t always use these instruments for worship, though. He openly discusses his own personal struggles, including decisions that put him in prison. These experiences became the inspiration behind his music, and more importantly, his life. Andrew describes falling to his knees and begging for forgiveness.  He says that led to “the yearning I felt of desperately wanting His love, but, at the time, not realizing how easy it was to get.

These experiences give Andrew the chance to relate to his audience. “I hope audiences will understand that they are NOT the only ones who struggle, […] and when we turn our lives to Jesus, everything gets a whole lot better.”

The single “In Your Arms” is at radio now, and the band’s EP will be released on March 2nd everywhere music is sold, including iTunes, Amazon, etc.  For more information, contact or visit www.