Americana Singer/Songwriter Collin Mills Joins The Lamon Records Roster

Collin Mills is from a small town in Oklahoma, is inspired by the classics of both rock and country, and began his career in songwriting and music with his father. His beginnings have all the makings of a country song. His ever-evolving sound is being honed now through his partnership with Lamon Records and in the studios of Nashville, Tennessee. His first single, “Because Of You,” hits radio today.
Collin found Lamon Records after reaching out to several industry professionals about recording his project. Dave and the team met with him and it didn’t take him long to feel as if he fit in with the company.

“The folks at Lamon are among the most capable, fun, down to Earth people I have worked with.”

His father encouraged his start in music and, in particular, songwriting. While his father isn’t a musician himself, he writes poetry and lyrics. After working together, Collin found he was able to provide a musical outlet for his father, while satisfying his own need for creativity. A creative team was born.

Collin then gained some insight into session life when he created his demo tacks at Drapp Studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Owner Lou Drapp offered his insights to give his music a distinct direction.

While he has always been drawn to music, Collin found his voice when he went back to college and began participating in musical theater. Vocal performance quickly became his new passion. To him, musical theatre and country music have more in common than he first realized. The element of storytelling appeals to him. 

“I am always thinking about a new song or story I want to tell,” Collin says. “When I have an idea or some inspiration, I just try to make sure I have a guitar and my macbook nearby! Sometimes I write the music or melody first, if I hear something in my head I like. Or, If I have specific lyrics I want to write, I write them first in poem form, composing the music once I get the basic song structure worked out.”

“Not many artists in the music industry can successfully convey their message, or the song’s main ideas; and the one’s that can, well…ya hear about those folks a whole heck of a lot more!”

Fame and recognition isn’t his main goal for this new project. Collin says that he’s excited to explore new ways to present his music and express himself, while being “all in” to enjoy the ride – wherever it takes him!

Collin Mills’ first single, “Because Of You” hits radio today. You can find his EP out in early 2017. For more on Collin and other Lamon artists, visit For concert updates, events, and releases, stay up to date with Lamon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.