Alan James Explores His Country Side on “Just Drive”

Georgia singer-songwriter Alan James has been writing Christian music for quite some time. In 2014, he released a four song EP of Christian originals on Lamon Records. Now, he’s decided to try his hand at modern country while maintaining the positive tone and heartfelt lyrics that are purely Alan James. His sophomore collection of songs will be released November 13, 2015.
The first single from the album will be “You and Me,” releasing to radio in early October 2015. The grooving track is about the longing for more time with the ones we love. The title track of the new EP “Just Drive,” was inspired by a less-than-ideal job situation. He captured the daydream of throwing your guitar and a suitcase in your car, driving away from your responsibilities, and leaving it all behind for a little while.
Other standouts on the album include “Play Me Some Music,” and ode to his lifelong love of tunes from all genres, and “Hold Me,” a well written country ballad.
One thing is overwhelmingly clear from James’ new, and previous, outings – he values his loved ones over all. While in the recording process in Nashville, he tells the crew about his little girls, ages five and one, dancing around while he plays guitar. He and his wife were high school sweethearts and she stands as a wealth of support for his music. These values come through loud and clear in his lyrics. He explores many angles of these relationships to embody what country music is all about.
“Alan is a great guy,” says producer and label head Dave Moody. “And that is reflected in his music and the songs he writes.”
James was “honored to sit in the control room and experience what [the musicians] were doing” during the recording process. He would love to have the opportunity to do more live performing and inspire audiences to live their dreams while putting smiles on their faces.
“I am very excited about the release of this new EP with Lamon,” James says. “Lamon does amazing things and I am so thankful for the relationship with them.”
Alan James’ first single from his new record “You and Me” will hit radio stations across the country in early October. His album “Just Drive” will release on November 13, 2015. For more information on Alan James and other Lamon artists, visit, or follow Lamon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter