A Music Video For All Seasons In Rythmicure’s “Secret Garden”

The experience of filming a music video is unlike any other. Interpreting a song for the camera involves many moving parts and keen artistry. It’s an experience Christian duo Rythmicure has had many times with Lamon Records. Their sixth video with the label for their single, “Secret Garden,” is the most elaborate and imaginative project yet. 

“Rythmicure has really expanded their musical horizons with their new album ‘Secret Garden.’ This new title cut video should reach an even broader audience,” says Dave Moody, president and CEO of Lamon Records.

The video features vignettes of people from all walks of life and throughout many different historical time periods in scenes from their everyday lives. Each vignette has a counterpart. A soldier from the Civil War and a modern day police officer, for example, are both pulling their lives on the line and are seen as exhausted, showing that human struggles are the same throughout history. Each characters see a door appear in there hour of need and enter through to a garden. There they meet their historical counterpart, finding comfort in their shared experiences.

“Secret Garden” is featured on their Christian originals album of the same name. The video is meant as a metaphor for one’s relationship with The Lord. No matter where you are in life, you can drop everything and enter into his presence to find rest. 

“Take a break from the problems at hand & let the doors (of help) open,” says Rythmicure. “Walk through the door, in our minds, that will take us to a place of calm & serenity.”

The video was filmed in various locations around Nashville during the fall and winter. The garden scene, filmed at The Historic Craighead House in Nashville, was scheduled during the spring for an authentic blooming visual. 

Lamon hopes to enter “Secret Garden” in Christian film festivals in the coming months. Their album, “Secret Garden,” is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and everywhere music is sold.