No Limit Kids receives 5-star rating from the Dove Foundation

The Dove Foundation awards NO LIMIT KIDS: Much Ado About Middle School the Family Approved Seal and a 5 Star (Dove) Rating. Here is their review:

Middle school is always a trying time for kids. Their friends change, they try to fit in and stay out of trouble. “NO LIMIT KIDS: Much Ado About Middle School” features these topics which kids face in a wonderful musical story. Ashton tells his tale to the audience as does Celeste, as each of them try to ward off the dangers of starting middle school. Ashton is trying to stay out of the way of the football jock that is bullying him and Celeste along with her friend Becca find out about the lies that Danielle is spreading. Along the way the three find that they all have an interest in music.

The entire family will enjoy this wholesome story about three kids who try to do the right thing. There are many encouraging values to this charming movie that will help young and old alike. We are proud to award the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages to ” Much Ado About Middle School.”