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“Chuggin’ Along” With Lamon Artist Dusty Sanderson – First EP to be Released February 26

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Follow Lamon artist Dusty Sanderson through thick woods, down a bright red dirt road, over a rickety bridge, and by a lakeshore in Bluff Springs, Florida, and he’ll show you where it all began. The country singer/songwriter has been the life of bonfire parties for years in that very spot. Warm summer nights spent strumming his guitar, covering country and southern rock songs matured Dusty as an artist. Before long, he had gigs at local venues and started writing his own music. Dusty signed with Lamon Records and recorded his four-song EP at...

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Lamon Records Welcomes Brooklyn McKenzie to the Label

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Singer/songwriter Brooklyn McKenzie signed with Lamon Records in 2012 and has recently recorded her first 4 song EP. Brooklyn was a contestant in the 2012 Music Artist Talent Search sponsored by Lamon Records Nashville at the Gideon Film Festival. Producer Dave Moody took notice of her talent right away, impressed by the young artist’s lyrical style and sultry pop voice. “Brooklyn is a very talented singer and songwriter,” says Dave. “Her vocal style draws from several genres to make up her own unique...

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Hayley Whitley, 2012 Music Artist Talent Search Winner, Records in Nashville

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Hayley Whitley jumps at every opportunity she has to sing. She and her sister belt out classics by The Gold City Quartet and The Temptations in the car. She sang growing up in church, performed in school musicals, women’s ensembles, and in the Wingate University Choir. She’s a force to be reckoned with on the softball field, playing for Wingate as well as opening a few games with her version of the National Anthem. This ambition led her from her home in Monroe, NC to the Blue Ridge Mountains for the Gideon Film Festival and the 2012 Music...

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Lamon Records Signs Massachusetts Native Scott Hooper

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Country music’s influence knows no bounds. Today our industry finds their gems in unlikely places, like Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts. This is what happened with singer/songwriter Scott Hooper, who recently signed with Lamon Records. Scott began singing country music in the Bay State at a young age and paired his voice with a guitar at age 15. While developing his talent, he found a skill to set him apart and keep country music fans all over New England entertained – he could alter his voice to sound like a variety of artists. Scott...

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Christian Duo Rythmicure Records in Quad Studios

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  The Christian pop/rock duo Rythmicure spent the beginning of January recording tracks and scratch vocals for their upcoming album. Dan and Karla, a husband and wife praise team from Iowa, have been signed with Lamon Records for 3 years, but this album marks the first time they have recorded original material with the label. The new album, yet to be titled, is a departure from their last album, Solid Rock, which was a collection of popular covers and parodies of classic rock hits with a praise and worship flair. Dan recounted the...

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Lamon Records Nashville Announces Staff Additions

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Lamon Records Nashville  is excited to announce the addition of Jena Shores to our label staff as Director of Marketing and Communications. Jena earned her BA in English, as well as a BS in Fashion Design, from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2011.  She has spent the past two years working in film and theater and she brings a passion for music and an enthusiasm for helping spread the word about new artists through a variety of multimedia outlets.  She will work directly with media contacts to shed light on all things...

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Elevating Entertainment Completes New Movie SEASON OF MIRACLES

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Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures has completed production of their newest feature film SEASON OF MIRACLES, starring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, October Baby, Smallville), Grayson Russell (Talladega Nights, Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Nancy Stafford (Matlock, Baywatch) and the story’s writer/actor Rusty Whitener (from the hit TV series Nashville).  SEASON OF MIRACLES is set in the 1970s and is a uniquely compelling drama about a group of twelve year olds and a championship little league baseball season, that is not so much...

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Lamon Records Featured in the Americana Gazette

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The Moody Brothers: Americana Artists and Entreperneurs Reprinted with permission.  See the original article as printed with photos or visit When two-time Grammy nominee Dave Moody was thinking about a place to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independent record label started by his father, he decided on the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree.  As the second oldest radio show in the country, the Jamboree has a rich and colorful history. Launched in 1947, it has followed the Grand Ole Opry every Saturday night on...

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Lamon Records Nashville Signs Young Singer / Songwriter Dusty Sanderson

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Lamon Records Nashville is proud to announce the signing of twenty year old country artist Dusty Sanderson to its label roster.  The young singer/songwriter was in Quad Studios in Nashville late last week recording original songs for his upcoming EP release, which should hit the street early in 2013. The Pensacola Florida native has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old and singing since he turned 14.  “It all started around a bonfire on the river,” says Dusty, “with just me and my guitar, which eventually led to me getting my...

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Dave Moody Honored by Tennessee Songwriters Association

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Dave Moody has been honored by the Tennessee Songwriters Association International with a Song of the Year nomination for his composition Looking For A Change.   The Awards will be held in October at the TSAI Annual Banquet in Nashville. The Tennessee Songwriters Association International can be reached...

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