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Christian Artist Amy Lord Signs, Records, and Films Inspiring Project with Lamon Records

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Amy Lord is not a stage name. It’s no surprise that writing and singing praise music comes so naturally. After years of traveling, experimenting, and soul-searching, and she realizes now that she was born to do it. The Florida native signed with Lamon Records Nashville, recorded her first EP, and filmed her first music video this year. Amy Lord grew up in the small town of Pottstown, PA and her childhood was idyllic. Her vocal talent was honed at the prestigious Wyndcroft school and she also learned dedication and determination through...

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Analise Malick Films First Music Video, Single Releases to Radio

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Lamon Records artist Analise Malick spent her Saturday in school. She wasn’t in detention or making up for too many absences. She was filming her first music video – not something most thirteen-year-olds can say they’ve had the opportunity to do. Her single “1,000 Things” has been released to radio, and the music video and EP by the same title will release October 29th. The song revolves around the many things most adults dream about doing to break away from the monotony of day-to-day life at work. Analise was drawn to the...

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Courtney Stewart wins 2013 Independent Artist of the Year Award

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Southern Star Network recently announced the winner of their 2013 Independent Artist of the Year Award. Lamon Records’ own singer songwriter Courtney Stewart won the honor and took to her Facebook page to thank her fans. “I woke up to a pleasant surprise today! A HUGE thank you to everyone who continuously voted for me in the Southern Star’s Indie Artist of the Year contest, you all are the greatest fans ever. Thank you for all of your support and thank you for allowing me to hold the title of the Southern Star’s Indie...

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Filming “Get A Little Closer” with Sammy Hakim

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Lamon Records artist Sammy Hakim spent the first weekend in September filming her music video for “Get A Little Closer,” the lead single off her first EP with the label. The concept for her video combines her fascination with Marilyn Monroe and two of her favorite pastimes: hanging out with friends and playing music. She throws a house party filled with friends in crazy costumes. She dresses as Monroe and spends the party in parody-like pursuit of a guy dressed as one of the starlet’s leading men. “She [Marilyn] was one of those women...

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Christian Singer-Songwriter Ole Gustav Johnsen Signs with Lamon Records

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Christian singer-songwriter Ole Gustav Johnsen signed with Lamon Records earlier this year. He made the trip from Norway to record in historic Quad Studios in Nashville. The trip to the United States was a first for Johnsen and the first step in sharing his love for Christ with new fans. Ole Gustav Johnsen hails from the southern part of Norway and was raised in a Christian home. At the age of 14, however, he observed the life of a classmate who had come back from a three-year mission trip. “I saw that he had something that I hadn’t. He...

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Lamon Records Welcomes Young Pop/Country Singer Analise Malick

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13-year-old Analise Malick signed with Lamon Records in July and traveled to Nashville to begin work on her first 4 song EP. Analise hails from Lake Norman, North Carolina and has been exploring pop and country music all her life. She remembers beginning to sing at the age of 6. “My parents tell me that I’ve been singing since the day I was born! I sing in the car, at school, and even in the shower,” Analise says. “One of my very best friends started taking singing lessons, and I begged to take voice lessons too.” Since then she...

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Singer-Songwriter Sammy Hakim Signs and Records with Lamon Records

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Seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter Sammy Hakim signed with Lamon Records in early August. The Northern Virginia native recorded original songs at historic Quad Studios in Nashville. Sammy began her songwriting career at age 13. Among other instruments, she plays piano, guitar, and violin, all of which have inspired her to develop a creative arrangement style. Her influences vary from Bruce Springsteen, to Ed Sheeran, and her vocal style reflects the soulfulness of Kelly Clarkson. “I am like Elvis Costello. I write what I want: pop,...

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Lamon Records Artists on 44th Annual Dove Awards Ballot

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Lamon Records’ artists and songwriters are among this year’s best in Christian music and have been placed on the 44th Annual Dove Awards ballot.  Known as the Christian Music Grammys®, the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards are designed to recognize the year’s accomplishments in all genres of Christian music recordings. Among this year’s eligible releases on the first round ballot for voting are: Category 13: Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year Christy Barber “Love’s Sweet...

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Lamon Records Nashville Welcomes Alternative Rocker Sean Guerrero to the Label

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Sean Guerrero is an artist with a vision and an unlikely start in music. He grew up in the church and never wanted to sing in front of crowds. A friend urged him to do an impromptu acoustic version of “Amazing Grace” in private. Sean was overwhelmed by the song’s meaning and his own untapped talent. He hasn’t stopped sharing his gift of music since. Sean Guerrero, born in Long Beach, California, spent his younger years living overseas in Europe (as his dad served in the US military) and has traveled all over the world. Dabbling in...

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Get to Know Lamon Records Artist Courtney Stewart

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1. What’s your favorite sound? Ocean waves 2. What makes you happy? Writing a song for someone and seeing their reactions when you play it for them. 3. What makes you angry? Bees  4. What do you think is the secret of success? To work hard, never give up, and jump over all obstacles. 5. Who is your favorite historical figure? Sojourner Truth 6. How do you hope you’ll be remembered? As someone who was always smiling and could always put a smile on someone else’s face. 7. What’s your favorite childhood memory? I have way too many....

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