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Lamon Records Nashville Welcomes Alternative Rocker Sean Guerrero to the Label

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Sean Guerrero is an artist with a vision and an unlikely start in music. He grew up in the church and never wanted to sing in front of crowds. A friend urged him to do an impromptu acoustic version of “Amazing Grace” in private. Sean was overwhelmed by the song’s meaning and his own untapped talent. He hasn’t stopped sharing his gift of music since. Sean Guerrero, born in Long Beach, California, spent his younger years living overseas in Europe (as his dad served in the US military) and has traveled all over the world. Dabbling in...

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Get to Know Lamon Records Artist Courtney Stewart

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1. What’s your favorite sound? Ocean waves 2. What makes you happy? Writing a song for someone and seeing their reactions when you play it for them. 3. What makes you angry? Bees  4. What do you think is the secret of success? To work hard, never give up, and jump over all obstacles. 5. Who is your favorite historical figure? Sojourner Truth 6. How do you hope you’ll be remembered? As someone who was always smiling and could always put a smile on someone else’s face. 7. What’s your favorite childhood memory? I have way too many....

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Lamon Records Nashville Brings Artist Showcase for a Rockin’ Night at the Faith Fourth

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Grammy Nominated and Dove Award Winning country artist Dave Moody has toured the United States with his family band, The Moody Brothers. The Fayetteville, NC native has played The Grand Ole Opry, the White House, Wembly Arena in London and Disneyland Paris in France. His next venue: The Faith Fourth of July Celebration. Moody is president and CEO of Nashville’s oldest independent record label. From their beginnings in Charlotte to their presence in Music City, Lamon Records has produced hundreds of artists from all over the world. The Lamon...

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Ant Cat Releases First Children’s Album with Lamon Records

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Lamon Records is proud to release the children’s album, “I Am Me,” from talented singer-songwriter Ant Cat of Oregon. Cathleen Freshwater-Du Bois’ songs are catchy and uplifting, and she took the pseudonym “Ant Cat” to create a sense of familiarity and family for her young audience. Her great nieces used to write to her as “Ant Cat.” Ant Cat’s themes draw from her own experiences growing up. She writes songs of encouragement, acceptance, and childhood wonder – words she feels all children should have the benefit of hearing...

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Lamon Records Country Artist Scott Hooper Releases First EP

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Scott Hooper has spent a lot of time on the road. He’s lived in the north and in the south. His cover band successfully toured the east, west, and everywhere in between. Scott knows the excitement of traveling and the pains of being away from the ones he loves. The singer/songwriter from Massachusetts has compiled a collection of songs from his experiences for his debut EP with Lamon Records. The EP, “Giddy Up” is full of traveling songs with lyrics inspired by many aspects of life on the road. From meeting new people and stories of...

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Lamon Records Nashville Releases Singer/Songwriter David Langston’s First EP

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New Bern, North Carolina native David Langston has raw talent, burning drive and curiosity, and a fun-loving spirit. Lamon Records Nashville is proud to add this country singer/songwriter to their roster of artists. His first EP, “Langston Country,” and music video for the first single, “Lovin’ All Night Long,” are expected to be released in May. The single ships to radio this week. David grew up around music, taking after his mother who played piano in church. As a youngster, he asked his church’s drummer how to play and by age...

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New Music Videos from Lamon Artists on YouTube

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Lamon Records is hot with new talent in 2013 and, partnering with Elevating Entertainment, we’re making our artists seen and heard. We’re proud to announce new music videos for artists Kimberly Patrick, Dusty Sanderson, Brooklyn McKenzie, Rythmicure, and more. Subscribe to Lamon Records on YouTube - more videos to...

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Get To Know Lamon Records Artist Christy Barber

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1. What’s your favorite sound?  My kids laughing 2. What makes you happy? The ocean 3. What makes you angry? Passive-aggressive people 4. What do you think is the secret of success? Figure out what you love to do and then do it no matter how big or small 5. Who is your favorite historical figure? Anyone involved in the Civil War: Abraham Lincoln, General Lee who was against slavery yet fought so long for the southern cause, General Grant and Sherman. I love learning about people from both sides of the war and seeing how it has impacted us...

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New Album from Lamon Artist Kimberly Patrick Leaves Fans Loving the Simple Life

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Kimberly Patrick may have a catchy hook with the title song from her new album “Simple Life,” but the spunky young singer/songwriter is anything but simple. March marks the release of her first full-length album with Lamon Records Nashville. The album showcases the Missouri native’s songwriting skills and highlights diverse aspects of growing up in a small town. “Simple Life” was recorded in the historic Neve Room at Quad Studios in Nashville with Grammy nominated producer Dave Moody and a cast of Nashville’s finest studio...

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Elevating Entertainment releases new Movie Trailer for SEASON OF MIRACLES

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Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures, a boutique film production company based in Nashville has just released the official movie trailer for the upcoming film SEASON OF MIRACLES. The film stars John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, October Baby), Grayson Russell (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Talladega Nights), Andrew Wilson Williams (as Zack), and Nancy Stafford (Matlock, Baywatch). The movie is based on the novel and screenplay by Rusty Whitener.  The film was directed by Dave Moody and co-directed by Josh Moody.  This is Elevating...

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