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Lamon Records artist Sean Guerrero Wins Accolade Competition in Music Video Category

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Sean Guerrero, in association with Elevating Entertainment, has won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Accolade Competition. the award was given for Sean’s music video, Walls, the first single from Lamon Records. “Walls” features award-winning actress Jenn Gotzon and raises awareness for mental illness and warnings against suicide. Christian rocker Sean Guerrero was humbled by the news and commented, “Jesus came to give life – not abuse the weak; therefore, God gave life in the most unexpected way through...

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LA Folk Rocker Jake London Brings First Album to Lamon Records

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Jake London has a knack for many things. He is a football fanatic, animal lover, outdoors enthusiast, and a novice Italian chef. He enjoys wake boarding, hiking, and fishing. He has an eagerness for taking unique opportunities, cherishing family, and traveling. However, his passion lies in music; picking an old borrowed guitar and writing songs influenced by the greats, classic and modern. Jake London brings his Los Angeles folk-rock sound to Lamon Records Nashville. Jake London grew up in Portland, Oregon. He was loaned a beat up acoustic...

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Vanderbilt Hosts First Songwriter Competition to Benefit Next Steps at Vanderbilt

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The first annual Vanderbilt Star songwriting competition was held Thursday night. Nearly 200 people attended the competition at Ingram Music Hall on Vanderbilt’s Campus in Nashville. The event was held to benefit Next Steps at Vanderbilt, a division of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. The organization is a two year certificate program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing independent living skills and career development, and a unique college experience. The...

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Vanderbilt To Introduce Songwriting Competition – Winner To Record With Lamon Records

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On March 13, the Next Steps program at Vanderbilt will introduce a new annual student songwriting competition called Vanderbilt Star. The Next Steps program at Vanderbilt University in association with Lamon Records Nashville and others will introduce a new student songwriting competition to the student body. “Vanderbilt Star” will feature student songwriters performing their work before a panel of local notable Nashville songwriters. Judges will select three finalists, then the audience will vote to determine the first place...

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Lamon Records Signs Country Singer-Songwriter Shari Rowe

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Country singer-songwriter Shari Rowe has a heart for people. Family is one of her greatest values. She often performs at charity benefits. She uses her life experiences to let listeners know they’re not alone. She is determined to give back what her biggest musical influences have given her: comfort, inspiration, and encouragement. The Arizona native has signed with Lamon Records Nashville and plans to record a new project and music video in 2014. Born and raised in the Southwest to a supportive, hardworking, blue-collar family, Shari...

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Scott Hooper’s “Giddy Up” Released to Radio

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Lamon Records is proud to release the second single from country artist Scott Hooper. “Giddy Up” is the title track to his first EP with the label and a follow up to “TV News,” which performed well on secondary stations worldwide. “Giddy Up” came about like most country songs do, by observing the common man and channeling unique colloquial phrases. Scott tells the story of the song’s conception: “My brother was coming down to write [music] with my wife and I. He stopped off at a convenience...

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First EP for Amy Lord Available Now

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Amy Lord’s first single and video, “Have Mercy,” is now available on iTunes and can be heard on radio stations across the country. The single is one of many original tunes on her first album of the same name, which she is proud to present as tribute to her spiritual walk as a Christian. “‘Have Mercy’ as an album in its entirety is about my musical journey,” reflects Amy. “From the tragedies that surrounded and inspired the title track ‘Have Mercy,’ to the waiting and timing involved...

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Do “NOT” Miss The Latest from Lamon Artist Analise Malick

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Lamon Records is proud to release the second single from Analise Malick, “NOT!” The track and video can be found on iTunes and heard on radio stations across the country February 4th. The single is different from her country-leaning first EP with the label. It’s a chance for Analise to try out her pop voice without compromising her aspirations with country music. The single is inspired by the infectious viral pop hits by Carly Rae Jepson and Rebecca Black. “I absolutely love the song ‘Not,” says Analise....

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Hear the New Sound from Lamon Duo Rythmicure with Their Second Release, “Secret Garden”

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Lamon Records is releasing the third studio album from Rythmicure, available January 28th. “Secret Garden” is a departure for the group’s usual Christian take on Rock and Roll classics. Past albums have included inspirational versions of songs by AC/DC, Journey, and Aerosmith. This is the first album to feature their original material, creating an entirely different sound for the group. Every song on the album stems from the emotions derived from a proverbial ‘Secret Garden': relationships, creativity, solitude, and...

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Sister Duo Jill and Julia Bring Unique Country Sound to Lamon Records

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Lamon Records is proud to welcome contemporary country duo Jill and Julia to the label. The sisters from Las Vegas signed with the label in November and came to Nashville to record their first EP at historic Quad Studios. Julia and Jill have been collaborating together for 5 years and have performed as a duo at various venues throughout Las Vegas. Through their close-knit harmonies and vibrant original songs, Jill and Julia provide the country music scene with a breath of fresh air. The two are over achievers. Excelling in their academic...

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