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Jake London Featured on CMT Edge

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Read the article by Craig Shelburne here: Jake London’s video for “Somewhere Down the Road” looks like it’s been pulled from a box of old home movies, which may be the highest compliment you could give him. “I came to the director with the vintage/throwback feel in mind from the very start. I love everything vintage,” the L.A.-based artist tells CMT Edge. “The music of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s really moves me. I wish I were in Laurel Canyon with CSNY and Joni Mitchell or in the Greenwich Village with Dylan. If I turn on...

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Southern Alternative Rocker The Delta Bends Signs with Lamon Records

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Patton Hughes has graduated from the college music scene to embodying the new sound of Southern Rock. The Fayetteville, Arkansas native performs under the stage name The Delta Bends. He signed with Lamon Records in May and started production on their first four-song EP. His lyrics are passionate, charmingly snarky, self-deprecating, and heavily influenced by growing up in the Delta region of the American South. He unabashedly shares how his love of music began: “?My first major influence was KISS. Around the age of 8 I would paint my...

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Lamon Records Welcomes Christian Songwriter Alan James

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Alan James grew up in Macon, Georgia, surrounded by music. As a youngster, Elvis was a family favorite. He is now an elementary school teacher with a wife, daughter, and another child on the way. He loves music, but faith, family, friends, and loyalty are paramount to him. Now he is able to merge his two passions. Alan James brings his original praise and worship songs, as well as his friendly spirit, to the Songwriter Series at Lamon Records Nashville. His first project is wrapping up production and will be released in the summer of...

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Jiggley Jones’ “…A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light…” Available Now

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Americana singer songwriter Jiggley Jones releases his first album with Lamon Records. “…A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light…” was recorded with Lamon Records at Kingswood Studios in Nashville back in January 2014. The album showcases Jones’ unique vocal style and poignant lyrics. Standout tracks include the haunting first single, “Walk On Me,” which is doing well on indie radio stations across the globe. “Early Morning Light,” a unabashed love song, has an infectious melody. Jones...

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Lamon Records Welcomes Contemporary Christian Artist Brad Trawick

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Brad Trawick was born in Alabama and raised in Connecticut. The son of a pastor, he moved around a few times during his childhood. Brad sang in church beginning at a young age and began seriously pursuing music at 13 playing drums. At 17, Brad was sitting in the sanctuary of his church at the piano all by himself. He became overcome by the presence of The Lord and wrote his first song. He knew at that moment he had tapped into his God-given talent. “I was definitely overwhelmed by His presence,” says Brad. “I had been going...

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Singer Songwriter Jake London’s Debut Album “Runaway Heart” Available Now

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April 2014 marks the release of “Runaway Heart,” the debut album from folk rock singer-songwriter Jake London. The Southern California native has quite a following in his home state and across the country, but looks to new horizons with the addition of a music video from Lamon Records in Nashville. Jake’s first single, the upbeat and wistful “Somewhere Down The Road,” is the perfect road trip song. The title track, as well as the poignant ballad, “Where Love Was Found,” are also among the most...

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Beth Jackson’s Debut Album Kicks Off Lamon’s Songwriter Spotlight Series

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April 22 marks the release of Beth Jackson’s first album, “Memories,” with Lamon Records. The project is part of the Lamon Records Songwriter Spotlight Series, highlighting talented songwriters from all over the country. Beth Jackson is a wife and mother of two from Charlotte, NC. While her vocal style is unique and performance-ready, she chooses to focus on songwriting. Her story songs are true to her genre; not giving way to trends or gimmicks. Her work is inspired by classic country music, especially Mary Chapin...

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Jill and Julia’s First Single “Wildfire” Sizzles, EP Due in April

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Sister group Jill and Julia’s highly anticipated first EP is set to release April 15th. The first single off the self-titled project, “Wildfire,” hit radio in March. Jill and Julia are paving the way for a new pop-country and americana sound. Take the raw production of Kacey Musgraves, lyrical sentimentality of The Band Perry, with the cohesive and traditional vocal sound of The Judds, all of which inspired this brave new sound. The striking, ethereal harmonies in “Little Games” quickly became a fan favorite. The...

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Lamon Records artist Sean Guerrero Wins Accolade Competition in Music Video Category

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Sean Guerrero, in association with Elevating Entertainment, has won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Accolade Competition. the award was given for Sean’s music video, Walls, the first single from Lamon Records. “Walls” features award-winning actress Jenn Gotzon and raises awareness for mental illness and warnings against suicide. Christian rocker Sean Guerrero was humbled by the news and commented, “Jesus came to give life – not abuse the weak; therefore, God gave life in the most unexpected way through...

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LA Folk Rocker Jake London Brings First Album to Lamon Records

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Jake London has a knack for many things. He is a football fanatic, animal lover, outdoors enthusiast, and a novice Italian chef. He enjoys wake boarding, hiking, and fishing. He has an eagerness for taking unique opportunities, cherishing family, and traveling. However, his passion lies in music; picking an old borrowed guitar and writing songs influenced by the greats, classic and modern. Jake London brings his Los Angeles folk-rock sound to Lamon Records Nashville. Jake London grew up in Portland, Oregon. He was loaned a beat up acoustic...

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